Never miss another
Customer Question line shape 🚀

Connect your customer support across channels in one easy-to-use help desk. Integrate your webshop or backend systems. Reply faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Shared Inbox for better team collaboration

With Herodesk’s Shared Inboxes you will gain full control of every conversation with your customers. Easily see who’s waiting for you. Assign conversations to the right team or person. Collaborate with your team to get more done – faster.

  • Multiple Inboxes

    Create as many inboxes, as you need. Group by team, language, brand, or how you prefer.

  • Smart Folders

    Rule-based grouping of conversations. Fx "VIP" or conversations tagged "Returns".


Reach customers everywhere

Connect Herodesk with the channels you use to communicate with your customers. Have all messages in one place, to ensure none are lost and everyone receives a reply.

  • E-mails

    E-mails and contact forms are built into Herodesk.

  • Social Medias

    Connect your Facebook & Instagram. More are coming...


All the info you need in one place

Herodesk integrates with the most popular e-commerce solutions, so you can see all the information you need about your customers and their orders directly in Herodesk.

  • Order info

    See all order info, payment, shipping etc. for a customers order.

  • Shipping tracking

    Get tracking codes to easily relay status to the customer.



Connect channels and webshop or backend systems

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Features that boost your customer support team

Multiple inboxes

Create multiple inboxes to represent how your business is structured.

Each inbox has unique addresses, signatures, sender-names, which makes it ideal for logic grouping of conversations.

Group by...
  • Team
  • Department
  • Country
  • Brand

Smart Folders

Rule-based grouping of conversations, fx by Tag (returns) or Contact (VIP).

Quick Replies

Create quick replies for the most common questions to optimize your work.

Side conversations

Need to ask someone outside your Herodesk team? Start a side-conversation.

Auto Responders

Automatically send a reply when a conversation is opened or closed.


Create a personal signature for each Inbox that matches your work context.


Tag conversations or contacts to qualify them and create rules based on that.


Attachments works just like you're used to from e-mail.

Cc / Bcc Contacts

When writing to a customer via e-mail, add cc or bcc when needed.

Merge conversations

Merge multiple conversations if you only need to reply once.

Internal notes

Need to hand over a conversation to a colleague? Leave a note to help them.

Bulk update

Select and update several conversations at once, fx change status or assignee.

Change conversation contact

Update the contact that is associated with a given conversation.

Quick Navigation

Use Cmd + K to open quick navigation and quickly find a contact or conversation.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate and optimize your workflow.

Auto Save Drafts

Messages are saved as draft while you write them, so they are never lost.

Custom Fields

Add your own custom fields to your contacts to save the data you need.

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Don't just take our word for it...

We help our customers in different ways. Not two are the same. Here are the testimonials from some of the companies that are using Herodesk.

Per Grønning
CEO at Poolworld.dk
All conversations in one place.
We have chosen Herodesk over other solutions, because we wanted a simple system to gather all customer inquiries.
Mark Sølvgren
Manager at Huntinglife
The best value for money!
We choose Herodesk because they give us the most value for money, when looking at what we need for our customer support.
Mikkel Foldager
CEO at World of Fireworks
Super easy to use.
Herodesk is a great tool to handle your customer service. It is super easy to use and not bloated with features you do not need.
Morten Sakariassen
CEO at Hverdag.dk
Superior quality and functionality!
We've tried different helpdesks, fx Zendesk and Front. Herodesk shows that quality and functionality does not have to cost a fortune.
Kristian M.
Co-Founder at Supersox
Great webshop integration.
The built-in Shopify and Instagram integration lets us handle all customer questions in one place, making it both easier and faster.
Ole Dalgas
Owner at DetBedsteHjem.dk
Great value, low price.
Herodesk has added great value to our business, at a low price. It has helped organize our customer support in an easy way.