Helpdesk Software at the Reasonable Price line shape it should be.

There are no complex calculations that determines what you pay. We believe in a simple and reasonable pricing model. You pay per user (if you pay at all) and that's it.

Herodesk Free


... and that's forever! No credit card required.
Upgrade to Plus anytime. All conversations, etc. remains.

  • 1 User
  • 1 Inbox
  • 1 E-commerce widget
  • 2 Channels
  • 5 Quick Replies
  • Signature
  • Tags
  • Reports
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No credit card required.

Perfect for solo-entrepreneurs or small start-ups. Almost all features are included and some are limited. You get everything you need to get started.

Herodesk Plus


per user, paid each month.


You actually pay €143.4 once per year for each user.

  • Everything in Herodesk Free, plus ...
  • Unlimited Inboxes, channels, widgets & quick replies
  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom Signature per inbox
  • Auto Responders
  • Smart Folders
  • Rules
  • Advanced Reports
  • Push Notifications
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No long-term lock-in - cancel before next invoice to end subscription.

Herodesk Plus includes all features with no limitations for their usage. It is perfect for businesses who has multiple people replying customers across multiple channels.

Herodesk customer: Noella Fashion Herodesk customer: Handelshuset Aulum Herodesk customer: Poolworld.dk Herodesk customer: Hverdag.dk Herodesk customer: Østjysk Hunting
Herodesk customer: Handelshuset Aulum
Herodesk customer: Poolworld.dk
Herodesk customer: Hverdag.dk
Herodesk customer: Østjysk Hunting

What's included? Everything!line shape

Herodesk Free is sets you up with everything you need to start organizing your customer service. With Herodesk Plus, you get it all. You only pay per user, and everything is included as soon as you do.

You get unlimited...


Add as many users as you need. You only pay for the ones that are active (not pending activation).

Limited on Free
All our features

All our features are included. You can see the full list and how they work in our features section.


The price stays the same no matter how many conversations you have with your customers.

Technical support

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time. We're ready to help with any questions you might have.


If you have multiple teams or departments, it makes sense to create an individual inbox for each.

Limited on Free
File storage

We won't charge you for the storage used for attached files sent to and from your customers.

E-commerce widgets

When a customer writes to you, the integration will get their most recent orders + relevant info from your webshop.

Limited on Free
Custom widgets

Create your own widgets and load your own data directly into Herodesk, always customer and/or conversation specific.

Limited on Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer some of the most frequent questions below. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us


There are some limitations to our Herodesk Free plan (see above), but as long as you can work within those, it is indeed free of charge. If or when you need to upgrade to Herodesk Plus, your existing account will be upgraded, and all conversations, contacts, settings etc., will stay the same.
You can always upgrade from Herodesk Free to Herodesk Plus from your control panel. If you wish to downgrade from Plus to Free, you need to make sure that your account usage is at most what is included in the Free-plan.
You can cancel your account at any time via the control panel. There are no cancellation fees. Suppose you cancel your account in the middle of a billing cycle. In that case, it will continue to function until the end of the billing cycle. At that time, we will have disabled the automatic renewal. The account will be disabled and later deleted if you do nothing more.
We only accept online payments with credit cards. We accept all VISA and Master Card credit cards.
Everybody automatically gets a 20% discount when committing on an annual payment plan instead of month-over-month payments. As for non-profits, educators or students, go ahead and create your account and contact us, then we will give you an additional 25% discount.
All our customers have free and unlimited access to our support team. Write an e-mail to support@herodesk.io and our team will get back to you in a jiffy.
No, we do not. Herodesk is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and our product and billing model is designed thereafter.

That being said, everyone is more than welcome to use Herodesk. We do not, however, offer enterprise solutions, customized plans or service level agreements. Our general Terms of Service, which applies to all our customers, can be found here: Terms
As a rule of thumb, we do not do refunds, but we still want to be fair, so there are some exceptions that are listed in section 4 of our Terms. Eg. if you forget to cancel your account just before renewal. You can find them here: Terms
Yes, you can change your billing frequency in your control panel. Any changes will be applied from the next renewal of your subscription.
Yes! Send us your latest invoice from the other provider. We will give you Herodesk Plus free of charge for the period you’ve already pre-paid with the other provider. Afterwards, you will pay for Herodesk as per our regular pricing and terms.

Ready - Set - Create free account - or Contact us if you have any questions.

Don't just take our word for it...

We help our customers in different ways. Not two are the same. Here are the testimonials from some of the companies that are using Herodesk.

Per Grønning
CEO at Poolworld.dk
All conversations in one place.
We have chosen Herodesk over other solutions, because we wanted a simple system to gather all customer inquiries.
Mark Sølvgren
Manager at Huntinglife
The best value for money!
We choose Herodesk because they give us the most value for money, when looking at what we need for our customer support.
Mikkel Foldager
CEO at World of Fireworks
Super easy to use.
Herodesk is a great tool to handle your customer service. It is super easy to use and not bloated with features you do not need.
Morten Sakariassen
CEO at Hverdag.dk
Superior quality and functionality!
We've tried different helpdesks, fx Zendesk and Front. Herodesk shows that quality and functionality does not have to cost a fortune.
Kristian M.
Co-Founder at Supersox
Great webshop integration.
The built-in Shopify and Instagram integration lets us handle all customer questions in one place, making it both easier and faster.
Ole Dalgas
Owner at DetBedsteHjem.dk
Great value, low price.
Herodesk has added great value to our business, at a low price. It has helped organize our customer support in an easy way.