Release notes

This page is updated approx. once per month and contains a break-down of everything we've released in the past month. If you want insigts in our roadmap and what we'll be working on in the future, sign up for our newsletter.

April, 2024

  • Released Rules for Herodesk
  • Released Herodesk App for iOS and Android
  • Ensure links in conversations are always opened in a new window
  • Added order deeplink for Shopify order lists
  • Fixed message field to the bottom of the screen
  • Added "forgot identifier"-feature to sign-in page
  • Added feature to enable or disable smart folders
  • Released a Danish translation of Herodesk

March, 2024

  • Give a warning if another agent is replying to the same conversation
  • Show real time if multiple agents are viewing the same conversation
  • If an imported e-mail is a new conversation, import the whole e-mail and don't "cut off" the message at the next reply in the thread
  • Feature to let you use the value of custom fields in smart folder rules
  • Added Custom Fields to contacts
  • Added phone number field to contacts
  • Added Instagram Verified and Follower-count to Contacts
  • New Magento 2 widget
  • When starting a new conversation, import the whole email instead of just newest message
  • Added new button to send message and assign the conversation to yourself

February, 2024

  • Quick search updated to look in all conversations and attachments
  • Feature to merge conversations
  • Use contact profile pictures from SoMe when available
  • Select all conversations in the conversation list
  • Add new contact during conversation contact change
  • Update that allows attaching multiple files to a message
  • Prestashop widget
  • Show Xpressen T&T code in the widget
  • Show return labelless code for Smartpack return orders
  • Smartpack WMS widget
  • Change contact of a conversation

January, 2024

  • Launched Reports module
  • Added auto-saving of draft messages
  • Added a new default smart folder for "My Drafts"
  • Added notification when new messages arrive (pling!)
  • Improved usability across all settings
  • Added conversation actions to the conversation list

December, 2023

  • New "Getting Started" guides
  • Added a new feature for Auto Responders for all channels
  • Added Side conversations
  • Improved conversation-list usability and load speed with "infinity load"

November, 2023

  • Facebook Messenger integration
  • Instagram Messenger integration
  • Introducing channels for multi-channel communication with customers
  • New widget for Ideal.shop
  • Added Smart Folders
  • Added feature to merge contacts
  • Added Tags for Contacts and Conversations
  • Added support for sending a copy of an invoice to a specific e-mail
  • Add support for emojies in Inbox-names

October, 2023

  • New widget for Shopify webshops
  • New widget for WooCommerce webshops
  • Group updates of conversations (e.g. "Mark as closed")
  • Improvement to support e-mails from various contact forms with correct sender/reply-to address
  • Support for signatures for each user
  • CC and BCC now does auto-linking of e-mail addresses among Contacts

September, 2023

  • New feature that lets you add people CC and BCC to messages sent via e-mail.
  • Full conversation history and attachments available for people added cc/bcc during an ongoing conversation.
  • New feature to set custom "sender name" for each inbox.
  • Create new contacts and initiate conversations from Herodesk
  • Quick replies for common questions
  • New widget for DanDomain Webshop & DanDomain Classic
  • New widget for Shoporama webshops

August, 2023

  • Hello, world! The very first release of Herodesk.