Herodesk is the Simple Helpdesk Tool for your Customer Success Heroes

Many small and mid-sized businesses struggle with their customer service. At Herodesk, we've created a simple and affordable customer support tool that lets you organize your customer support in one place. With our tool you'll regain control of your customer support and never miss another customer question, leading to happy and loyal customers.

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses handle their customer service using a regular e-mail address. Maybe you do or have done so yourself? Opening Gmail or Outlook to see if there are new e-mails from your customers, and if yes, start replying.

As you start typing, you need to look up the customer, their order or some other information somewhere else, so you start jumping between screens, writing notes etc. Or maybe you're not supposed to reply to this type of question, so you ask a colleague to "handle the unread mail titled something about XYZ". Or worse, you open the email, and want to reply to it later but forget to mark it as "unread"...

While doing so, you've probably also thought to yourself: "Is this really the best way to handle customer service?". Well – no, it isn't.

We have set out to build a simple helpdesk tool for small and medium-sized businesses. One tool where you (and your colleagues) can see all questions from your customers, who are waiting for you, collaborate with your team about them and have all the information you need about every single customer integrated and easily accessible. And, of course, at a super small-business-friendly price.

That is Herodesk: The simple helpdesk tool for you and your customer success heroes.

How it started

Hi there – I'm Anders, the founder of Herodesk.

Before starting Herodesk I was an entrepreneur for more than 15 years. I've founded and co-founded 3 businesses, had two successful exits and managed one of Scandinavia's leading e-commerce SaaS businesses. During that time, I've talked to thousands of customers on practically every channel you can think of. Having tried everything from direct email and shared inboxes to super complex and sophisticated customer relations systems, one thing is clear: We need a better way of doing this!'

After I left my job at DanDomain, I took a 6-month sabbatical to reflect, recharge and refocus. For many years I've been talking, writing and chatting with customers, so when it became clear during my break that I still wanted to have my own business, it felt like the most obvious thing in the world to solve I've had for myself for others.

That's why I started to build Herodesk. I wanted to build the Customer Support tool for others that I never had myself.

The entrepreneurial spirit is my driving force. I know exactly how hard it is and what it takes to build something from nothing, the hours, the grit, and all the hard work that has to be put in. That's why I feel so strongly about building something that can help entrepreneurs and, really, everyone in a small or mid-sized business succeed - at least with their customer service.

While the product is the most important asset in any business, the customers are the oxygen it needs to breathe to survive. Great customer care always wins. It's something that I've always held in high regard: We must always give the best customer service possible.

To help do that, Herodesk is built with a focus on being easy to use, helping with the job to be done and being affordable.

Being easy to use means Herodesk will have the functionality needed to do the job, and nothing else. No fancy graphics, spin-off features or other disturbing elements - no, full focus on customer service.

Full focus on the job to be done. You're using a helpdesk tool to make it easier to handle all your customers questions in the best way possible, so let's focus on that.

And finally, affordable. You can use Herodeks for free, and if or when your needs exceed what's included in the free plan, you can upgrade to a pay-per-user plan priced below what you'll probably be able to find elsewhere.

We, at Herodesk, will (obviously :-)) be using our product, because the values we preach to our customers are the ones we live by ourselves. I hope that you will consider trying or using our product, too, and that it will save you many of the frustrations I've had myself.

If you have any questions, want to know more or just say hi, contact us or feel free to e-mail me directly at ace@herodesk.io.

Anders Eiler
Anders Eiler
Anders Eiler
Founder of Herodesk