Shopify Integration

Herodesk integrates with Shopify and offers all Shopify merchants a free helpdesk system for Shopify.


Helpdesk System for Shopify

With the Shopify helpdesk widget, you will have all order-data from your webshop inside Herodesk.

When you open a conversation with the customer, the customers' email is looked up in Shopify, and all their orders are shown, including payment info, shipping info, tracking links etc.

  • Everything in one place

    Right next to your customers questions is a list of all their orders, order statuses, payment details, shipping details and tracking codes.

  • Reply your customer faster

    When you have your customers order-informations easily available inside Herodesk, the time it takes to solve a customer case drops. With faster replies comes happier customers.

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  • Free to use
  • Connect multiple stores
  • Widget inside Herodesk
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Boost Support Productivity

Our Shopify integration is designed to let your support agents work as efficiently as possible. With all the information they need right at hand, there's no more shuffling between multiple screens or systems. This lets your agents focus on giving your customers best-in-class service, faster than before.

Automatic order lookup

The customers' orders are automatically imported from your Shopify webshop, based on the customers e-mail.

Works with Shopify Plus

The Herodesk helpdesk integration to Shopify works with both Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Multiple Shopify shops

If you have more than one Shopify webshop, you can connect to all of them at no extra cost.

Shipping status

Easily see the shipping status and tracking codes for all the customers orders.

Payment status

The payment status and payment method of all Shopify orders is available.

Move to Herodesk

If you have already pre-paid for another helpdesk solution to your Shopify webshop, we will give you Herodesk Plus free of charge until the other subscription expires.

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The Shopify integration is freely availble for all Herodesk Free and Herodesk Plus customers.

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The Shopify integration is freely availble for all Herodesk Free and Herodesk Plus customers.

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